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Gym Angels

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Bill Bailey, Charlotte Stokely, Tommy Pistol, Alan Stafford, Bridgette B., Seth Gamble, Danica Dillon, Alison Tyler, Ryan Driller, Giovanni Francisco
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3.5 / 12 lượt
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Gym Angels

Fit and toned babes, Janet, Amber and Lily want to have a really sweaty workout, but instead at Linda's gym; all they're having are half-ass training sessions and increased rates! "No pain, no gain," is their motto and tired of the service, they end their membership to start their own gym called, Gym Angels. Using every squat, lift and crunch they've endured, the girls train hard scouting locations, acquiring funds and hiring a construction team, because they know they have to fuck hard to succeed! Once Linda finds out about Gym Angels, she tries everything in her power to jeopardize the gym, every step of the way.